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Providing aid for HIV services, hunger programs and support for homeless and disenfranchised youth 




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Founded in 1985, Project Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides meals with love to critically ill neighbors and seniors. Our food is like medicine, helping clients recover from illness, get stronger, and lead healthier lives
Every day, we prepare 2,500 nutritious meals and provide 200 bags of healthy groceries to help sustain our clients as they battle serious illnesses, isolation, or the health challenges of aging. We serve San Francisco and Alameda Counties, engaging more than 125 volunteers every day to nourish our community.


Our summer "Help is on the Way" gala is designed to support both hunger and HIV programs. In past years when REAF supported only HIV services, beneficiaries were selected on a rotating bases with different beneficiaries selected for each event each year. Starting in 2015, REAF began partnering with Meals On Wheels of San Francisco on an ongoing basis as a beneficiary of our summer "Help is on the Way" gala to support their services of home delivered meals to the elderly and other homebound people with few other sources of food and nutrition. REAF's funding also supported the San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s current goal to make San Francisco the first city to end AIDS transmissions in the world. For 2016, REAF also selected AIDS Legal Referral Panel as a co-beneficiary of the summer gala. ​Our 2017 beneficiaries include Meals on Wheels San Francisco and Positive Resource center.​


Our annual holiday gala is designed to support HIV programs and youth services. Larkin Street Youth Services has also been selected to be an ongoing beneficiary of this holiday event to support their services for homeless and disenfranchised youth. Project Open Hand was selected to be co-beneficiary for this year's gala to support their HIV/AIDS programs.

Larkin Street Youth Services

For over 30 years, Larkin Street Youth Services has built a robust continuum of care to help homeless youth get off the streets. We are a pioneer in our field and our achievements are significant:  there is no other agency in San Francisco—and few nationwide—to offer a similar breadth of services with comparable results. At the Sutter Street Drop-In Center, youth find nutritious meals, hot showers, clean clothing, trained counselors and a safe haven from the street. Larkin Street provides comprehensive health services for homeless children and youth in San Francisco to allow them transition toward stability with healthy minds and bodies. Larkin Street’s Medical Clinic and HIV Specialty Clinic are staffed by caring health professionals and provide primary medical care, HIV testing, referrals and educational materials, as well as specialized care to youth who are HIV-positive. Larkin Street’s comprehensive education and employment services, Larkin Street Academy, provides young people with the opportunities, resources, and guidance they need to succeed. Through a range of housing options—from emergency homeless shelters to longer-term housing— Larkin Street is able to offer at-risk youth basic necessities, as well as a welcoming environment providing support, stability, and security. Each Larkin Street housing program and facility offers youth age-appropriate support to accommodate each stage of their journey, keeping them on track toward rejoining their families or progressing toward independence and self-sufficiency.
​For additional information you can go to http://www.larkinstreetyouth.org

​According to Michael, REAF has played a significant role in their success as an AIDS organization. REAF has contributed over $100000 to Maitri over the years, which enabled them to provide nourishing, nutritious and enjoyable food for over 2 years to their very sick patients, which played a huge part in their recovery and they were discharged in a healthier condition than when they arrived to Maitri.
​For additional information you can go to 

Maitri - Residential Care for People Living with AIDS
Watch Michael Smithwick, Executive Director of Maitri saying thank you to REAF.org for the financial support we have provided to them over the years. Maitri provides residential care facility for people living with advanced AIDS, originally for people dying with AIDS. They still provide end of life care but increasingly they are able to stabilize people medically so they can be discharged back to independent living.  

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco serve over 1.2 million meals a year to seniors in every San Francisco neighborhood. 24% of them have no other source of food, 65% live alone and 71% live below the federal poverty line. They are often physically challenged (including living with HIV) as well as confronted with the high cost of living in San Francisco. In addition to meals, MOW provides safety checks to ensure clients’ well being, match them with volunteers to assist them with companionship and day to day needs and provides health and safety items for their homes.
​For additional information you can go to www.mowsf.org 


advocate and an opportunity. PRC works diligently to help people affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health, or substance use issues better realize opportunities by providing integrated legal, social, and health services. Our services address the broad range of social risk factors that impact health and wellness and limit potential. We provide underserved populations with a unique set of integrated services that include emergency financial assistance for short-term stability, legal representation for access to necessary income and healthcare benefits, and residential treatment, housing, and employment training for longer-term social rehabilitation. In order to provide such a cohesive set of services and programs, PRC has joined forces and is in the process of merging with two long-standing and well-respected San Francisco nonprofits: AIDS Emergency Fund and Baker Places, Inc. ​

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